Public evening lecture: "Thurgau: das hölzerne Eldorado am Bodensee. Von der Steinzeit bis vorgestern"

Archäologisches Landesmuseum Konstanz (Benediktinerplatz 5, 78467 Konstanz)

The archaeologist PD Dr. habil. Urs Leuzinger from the Amt für Archäologie Thurgau presents a "wooden journey" through time at selected archaeological sites from the canton of Thurgau where, thanks to excellent preservation conditions, organic material such as wood, seeds and fruits or leather have survived the millennia. Pile dwellings, neolithic combs, roman latrines, ancient panpipe sounds or Empress Eugénie's fragrant tree are companions on this exciting and humorous tour through the wooden Eldorado on Lake Constance. At the end, the ALM is even served a charred archaeological cake for his 30th birthday ...


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