How much Pre-History is within us?

Naturama (Naturama, Feerstrasse 17 5000 Aarau)

How much Pre-History is within us?

What traces of pre-history can we discover in our bodies and in our behavior? What ancient innovation led to our daily coffee break, and what’s the deal with the Paleo-Diet?

The exhibition “How much Pre-History is within us?” presents an interdisciplinary and interactive look at our past and relates it to our present time. The exhibition was created by the Kulturama Museum of Humanity, in Zurich, and will travel to the Naturama Aargau. For the ten year anniversary of the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps”, in cooperation with the Kanton Aargau Archaeological Department, the exhibit will present a thematic window of the two sites, Seengen-Riesi and Beinwil-Ägelmoos. Drawing from the most current research, the window traces the use of wood for construction, from pre-history to today, and the importance of forests as an important source of food, for the pile dwellers as well as for people today. The exhibition is a lively and exciting scavenger hunt for all age groups.

Organisation: Naturama, in Kooperation mit Kantonsarchäologie Aargau

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