From the beginning of May to the end of September, sporting and cultural events are held in all 6 countries of the World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Lake Dwellings around the Alps" on the theme of Lake Dwellings and World Heritage. Would you also like to be present as an organiser with an interesting offer? That's how it works:

Who can register as an organiser?
Anyone who wants to design and realise an interesting initiative or event on the subject of pile dwellings, e.g. museums, associations, heritage conservation institutions, communities, schools etc.

Important limitations:
The event has to be specifically concerned with the theme “pile dwellings” or “World Heritage”.
The PalaFITtes.Tour 2018 offers no room for ideological and political expressions.

How do you register as an organiser?
To be present as an organiser, please register online using our online registration form. After an editorial review by the ICG team, the event will be put online on our homepage , including a short description and a meaningful photo.

Who organises the event and what is to be considered?
As the organiser, you design your offer on your own initiative and carry out your event on your own responsibility. Any costs incurred are to be borne by you as the organiser.
Unfortunately, ICG cannot provide any financial support for the events.

How is the PalaFITtes-Tour 2018 advertised?
The websites and, as central platforms for the cultural heritage year 2018 (ECHY) in Germany and Switzerland, will explicitly refer to the PalaFITtes Tour 2018.
Information on all events can also be found on our website at . Information on all events will be published on our website at .
In addition, the PalaFITtes Tour 2018 and its events will be promoted through our usual social media channels.Local media relations are carried out by the organiser.

What support is provided by ICG?
In the run-up to the events, ICG will provide information and advertising material by download or by post. This includes e.g. information brochures and flyers on the World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps", templates for logos, t-shirts and posters for the PalaFITtes Tour etc.
If you would like a representative of the ICG to be present on site, please contact at least three weeks before the event by email.
By the end of 2018, each organiser will receive a PalaFITtes-Tour 2018 certificate.


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