The site is now located in the Aabach and Robenhausener Riet © Amt für Städtebau - Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich

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Short Description
The site at Pfäffiker Lake was discovered in 1858 by Jakob Messikommer, an early pile dwelling researcher. The site is known especially for a wooden door, dated to the Pfyn culture, as well as countless textile artifacts. Many well preserved woven textiles and fishing- and carrying nets were discovered, as well as parts of a Neolithic loom.

Neolithic / Bronze Age

4th -1st millenium B.C.

Lake Pfäffikon

533 m.a.s.l.

Size of the site 0,92 ha / approx. 1 soccer pitch

Size of the bufferzone 155 ha / approx. 217 soccer pitches

Special features & Highlights
Textiles objects and research of the site

Pile dwelling finds recovered by Messikommer during excavations in the 19th century © Amt für Städtebau - Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich

Pile Dwellings up close
A selection of finds can be visited at the Wetzikon Museum

Museum Wetzikon
Farbstrasse 1,
8620 Wetzikon
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