In the foreground are the two prehistoric sites, “Vorder Au” and “Scheller auf der Untiefe” © Kantonsarchäologie Zürich, Simon Vogt

  Wadenswil  |     Vorder Au

Short Description
The site presents several settlement phases: the oldest sediments and artifacts date to the transition of the Pfyn culture to the Horgen culture (around 3500 BC). Above that, in a sediment dating to the Corded Ware culture, a vessel belonging to the Bell Beaker culture was discovered; a rare find, and clearindication that the two cultures were coexistent. The Early Bronze Age phase is represented by pottery pieces of the “Arbon” type. This highly decorated pottery dates to around 1700 BC and is rarely seen at other locations around the Zurich lakes.

Neolithic / Bronze Age

4th - 2nd millenium B.C.

Lake Zürichsee

404 m.a.s.l

Size of the site 1,49 ha / approx. 2 soccer pitches

Size of the bufferzone 22,5 ha / approx. 32 soccer pitches

Special Features & Highlights
Bell Beaker pottery shards together with Corded Ware pottery.

Richly decorated Early Bronze Age artifacts © Amt für Städtebau – Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich