Former island in Lake Keutschach with remains of the oldest known pile dwelling settlement in Austria © Kuratorium Pfahlbauten

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Short description

The Keutschachpile-dwellings are a Neolithic settlement discovered in 1864 in the central area of Lake Keutschach in Carinthia. Dated to 3947/46 BC, it is the oldest pile-dwelling settlement in Austria known so far. The remains of the settlement are located on a shallow part of the Keutschacher See, a former island, which at its highest point lies about two meters below the water surface. Especially in this shallow area toward the top, prehistoric piles and deposits have been preserved on an area of approximately 224m².


3947/46 BC

Lake Keutschach

506 m.a.s.l

Size of the site 0,22 ha / approx. 1 big supermarket

Size of the bufferzone 132,5 ha / approx. 185 pitches

Special features and highlights

With its location on a shoal, that used to be an island, in Lake Keutschach, the settlement is a special feature among the Austrian sites, which generally are found on the shores of the lakes. In addition, the Keutschach settlement is currently the oldest known pile-dwelling settlement in Austria.

Reconstruction of the Neolithic lake dwelling Keutschach am See
Reconstruction of the Neolithic lake dwelling in the Keutschacher See © 7reasons

Current activities

The site is regularly examined as part of an annual monitoring programme. In addition, erosion markers for long-term monitoring were already set up in 2013. These can be used to monitor the threat to the settlement from natural and man-made erosion in order to take measures if necessary.

Pile dwellings up-close

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