Restitution d'une maison préhistorique à Pestenacker © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, U. Schlitzer

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The Neolithic settlement of Pestenacker was discovered in the course of re-routing theLoosbach brook in 1934. From 1988 to 1993 and 2000 to 2004, large-scale excavations were carried out at the site. Like in the nearby settlement of Unfriedshausen, the material culture of the inhabitants belongs to the Neolithic Altheim group. The contruction of Pestenacker postdates Unfriedshausen, which suggests that the village at Pestenackermay have replaced the Unfriedshausen as its successor. The Neolithic site of Pestenacker is known for its extraordinary good preservation of wood, textiles and plant residues.


3500 – vers 3450 av. J.-C.

ancien bras latéral du Lech/Loosbach

561 m

Taille du site 0,57 ha / presque 1 terrain de foot

Taille du zone tampon 3,66 ha / environ 5 terrains de foot

Particularités & points forts
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Full-scale reconstruction of a neolithic house. The degree of preservation of prehistoric wood, textiles and plant remains at this site is extraordinary.

Le sol de la maison 1 pendant les fouilles © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege

Activités en cours
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A small exhibition, and an open-air full-scale reconstructions (of ahouse and living area) and information panels will be updated in 2020/2021. The current DFG project „Direct-Push-Anwendun-gen in der Feuchtboden(geo)archäologie“ investigatesthe prehistoric landscape and the relationship between humans and their environment,by using minimally invasive techniques. The project partners arethe Bavarian State Conservation Office, the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research and the University of Leipzig.

Découvrir les palafittes
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The site is visible.
Beginning in Summer/Fall of 2021, there will be several attractions to discover. The exhibition will re-open in the Summer of 2021.

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