Unterwasserlandschaft der Pfahlbauten von Belvedere, Peschiera del Garda © MIC

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The submerged pile-dwelling village known as ‘del Belvedere’ stands in the lake about 250 metres from the shore. The site covers more than 22,000 square metres and lies just off the southern shore of Lake Garda. The sampling of the extensive piling involved about 1,200 vertical posts protruding from the lakebed. The material collected and the data produced by the survey have so far enabled the identification of at least two different phases of occupation and development of the site: the first dates from the 21st to the 20th century BC, i.e. the Early Bronze Age; the second to the end of the 17thcentury BC, or the transition between Early Bronze Age and Middle Bronze Age.


Frühe und Mittlere Bronzezeit


64 m.ü.N.N.

Größe Fundstelle 2,52 ha / ca. 4 Fussballfelder

Größe Pufferzone 12,45 ha / ca. 17 Fussballfelder

Besonderheiten & Highlights
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Among the archaeological finds, there are small mugs and bowls. Samples were also taken for archaeobotanical analysis, including a carbonised ear of emmer (Triticumdicoccum).

Spinnwirtel aus Stein von der Pfahlbaufundstelle Belvedere © MIC

Aktuelle Aktivitäten
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Ongoing protection program and enhancement activities.

Pfahlbauten hautnah
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It is possible to visit the lake.

A special hall will be dedicated in Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Verona,  currently closed for restoration,  to the archaeological material from the UNESCO sites in the province of Verona (Frassino and Belvedere, together with spectacular evidence from other associated pile-dwelling sites)
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